University of Hawaii Innovation Initiative

Daniel K. Inouye

United States Senator


Shortly before he passed away on Dec. 17, 2012, Sen. Daniel K. Inouye provided this letter in support of HI2. It is shared in honor of his memory.

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to support the University of Hawai‘i’s Innovation Initiative or HI2. This initiative provides a clear path forward to grow Hawai‘i’s research industry. Perhaps more importantly, it helps to solve some of our most pressing problems in the areas of food security, clean energy and health care.

Federal investments at the University of Hawai‘i have been steady, and the competitively won federal grants have continued to increase. My philosophy has been to invest in cutting-edge assets — ocean research vessel Kilo Moana, Imiloa Astronomy Center, largest solar telescope for Haleakala , regional biocontainment lab, 30-meter telescope on Mauna Kea, an expanding renewable energy portfolio, disaster planning, as well as facilities for ocean sciences and agricultural sciences, to name some of the more notable initiatives. In turn, the University recruits the talent to parlay a maximum research benefit from each asset. Our partnership has been most successful.

The National Science Foundation ranked UH Manoa in the top 10 percent of all research institutions. In 2010, UH researchers brought in about $480 million, and last year, about $450 million. These funds help to drive our economy, and do so primarily in science, technology, engineering, math and technician fields — jobs and opportunities for the future. UH plans to attract and groom 50 new world-class scientists and will invest in itself and form crucial partnerships with the private sector, government and international organizations. HI2 will act as an economic fuel cell, supporting cutting-edge research, existing science and technology companies, as well as creating new startup businesses.

Please join me in expanding Hawai‘i’s research industry for a better and brighter tomorrow for the generations to follow.

United States Senator