University of Hawaii Innovation Initiative

Walter A. Dods, Jr.

Chairman of the Board Matson Navigation



The University of Hawai‘i Innovation Initiative or HI2 presents an exciting opportunity for our state. This plan to double Hawaii’s research enterprise will also generate an estimated 5,000 new jobs. Moreover, HI2 means new discoveries, new support businesses, and opportunities.

Now, more than ever, we need to diversify and grow our economy. In 2010, Hawaii’s tourism industry accounted for 19 percent of total employment, while military and federal civilian employment contributed another 12 percent. The research and technology sector was only 3 percent of total employment. There is huge economic opportunity in growing our research sector. We need to seize the day.

I have been blessed to be deeply involved in the economic development and betterment of our state throughout my career. I see hope for a better future for Hawaii in HI2. I am supporting the University of Hawai‘i Innovation Initiative and I hope you will, too.